Company Histories

  • READY FIRE AIM - The Mainfreight Story


    The Mainfreight Story

    This is the story of a company built on the belief that with passion anything is possible. As they say at Mainfreight, ‘go anywhere as long as it is forward’.

    Mainfreight is now a sharemarket darling. But did its rise and rise go smoothly? Not for a minute.

    This illuminating book takes you on a warts and all exploration of Mainfreight’s journey from small transport company at the bottom of the world to a truly successful global logistics company.


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  • Listen


    The Don Rowlands leadership guide

    Innovative, invigorating, inspirational, Listen is a major breakthrough in leadership thinking.

    You will never again lose sleep over how to motivate and lead people.

    Listen. A book that will challenge the way you approach business; a blueprint to transform your management and leadership skills. Listen takes you on a journey of discovery as Don Rowlands, a truly exceptional leader, makes his remarkable journey. A trek from humble beginnings, going barefoot to school in New Zealand, rising to help mastermind the global expansion of great companies such as the appliance manufacturer Fisher & Paykel; worldwide logistics supplier Mainfreight; and Hamilton, the world’s premier water jet manufacturer.

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  • Avoid Retirement

    Avoid Retirement and Stay Alive

    Why You Should Never Retire and How Not To

    A best-seller that promotes the radical, controversial and thought-provoking notion we should all delete the word retirement from the software of our minds.

  • Fisher & Paykel Defying Gravity

    Defying Gravity

    The Fisher&Paykel Story

    An iconic company that grew, from two men with an imported refrigerator to sell in the 1930s, into a multinational corporation. Success built on innovative product developed by outstanding engineers on whom the label genius sits quite comfortably. Innovators backed by equally trailblazing marketing strategies.

  • Mainfreight With Passion Anything is Possible

    With Passion Anything is Possible

    Mainfreight – An Insight

    A no-holds-barred examination of a company that first dominated the Australasian transport industry before expanding through the USA, South America and Europe to become a significant global player. All built on a culture unique to Mainfreight.

  • Rorohara


    Historical saga

    Six hundred acres on a tiny island at the very centre of a nation’s growth.  A riveting history that traces the larger than life characters who came escaping religious persecution a world away;  the descendants of convicts and those who followed the world’s great gold rushes; men from poor, working class roots who went on to create great business empires. They would all seek to own Rorohara.

  • Lead & Feathers

    Lead & Feathers

    The History of Freightways

    Imagine. A country ruled by a Government that determined who did what, where and for how much. A country so regulated, so bound by bureaucratic red tape, that any notion of introducing service efficiencies or competitive pricing was stifled at birth. Then along came the men of Freightways with a company that made its own rules and broke everyone else’s.

  • Treasure Mountain

    Treasure Mountain

    The Story of Golden Cross

    The story of a mine that lived twice. During its turbulent life it yielded almost three million ounces of gold and silver. Every ounce paid for with sweat, tears and considerable anguish. Nature conspired to create a series of nightmares that would haunt generations of miners. This is the story of the men and women of Golden Cross.