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Your Company History
A Superb Marketing Tool

Creating a successful company is only half the battle.

Telling everyone about it, to capitalise on your success, that's the hard bit.

Commissioning an authoritative book will deliver premier market positioning along with a powerful boost to your brand credibility and hence business opportunities.

Just as a biography reveals the true individual; a well-told history brings a company's personality to life, revealing its human heart.

A book, both print and electronic, cuts through the ever-growing cynicism towards gimmicky websites and social media hype.

A book creates a powerful bond with your people, customers and investors alike, so they gain a real understanding of your potential value to them.

This comes from a detailed yet colourful telling of the twists and turns so essential to understanding the driving force responsible for the unique culture that is the very essence of any great company.

A highly readable account from Keith Davies, a vastly experienced author of numerous company histories and best-selling business books.

He brings a background of British dailies and the BBC, along with the commercial stuff – 60 Minutes and 20/20.

Plus, an unmatched understanding of the battle for hearts and minds as a multi-award-winning creative director with two of the world's top advertising agencies.

A Welshman, Keith operates globally from a New Zealand sheep farm. Well, farmlet
– five sheep (names on request).

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